Make a Big Difference in Your Appearance with Microfat Grafts

Most of us want to fight the signs of aging that include increased fat around our middles, hips, and thighs, paired with sagging skin and loss of definition in our faces. However, plastic surgery or injections of synthetic substances may not be an appealing option for some. If you want to look your best with natural and minimally-invasive procedures, micro fat grafts can meet your needs. The microfat grafting process uses unwanted fat from your own body to plump up and smooth your facial appearance, all without extensive treatment or the use of synthetic filler materials. Learn more about this fat transfer process by reading on.

What Are Microfat Grafts?

Microfat grafts involve the injection of fat into an area of the face where natural fat and tissue volume have depleted with age. This fat is taken from parts of the body with extra stores, such as the abdomen, love handles, hips, or buttocks, via a small incision with a suction tube. Microfat grafts, which are also called fat injections or fat grafting, are a viable alternative to popular dermal fillers such as Juvéderm and Restylane. Patients who are allergic to dermal fillers or who would prefer to use their biological cells in treatment find exactly what they’re looking for with this procedure. Microfat grafts can be performed independently or at the same time as a facelift for those who want smooth, firm skin, as well as youthful facial volume.

Microfat grafts are performed on an outpatient basis, usually under local anesthesia with lidocaine. For some patients, light monitored intravenous sedation is recommended. Most patients who receive this type of treatment need approximately a week of downtime to rest, relax, and heal from the procedure. If done correctly, the effects of microfat grafts can be naturally youthful and long-lasting.

Who Can Benefit from Microfat Grafts?

Those who have an excess of fat they would like to reduce in one part of their body, as well as sagging cheeks or eyebrows, hollows in cheeks or under their eyes, or weak chins, are excellent candidates for microfat grafts. Ideal patients are also healthy individuals without a recent history of illness and who have realistic notions of what to expect from the procedure.

Results and Recovery After Fat Grafting

Depending on how much fat is grafted and whether this procedure is paired with a surgery such as a facelift, the results can range from subtle to dramatic. The effects of fat grafting by itself are normally very natural in appearance and include reduced sagging, improved contours, increased facial volume and decreased wrinkles, as well as reduced fat in the area from which the grafts were taken. The amount of the fat that lasts permanently varies from patient to patient, but is usually between  40-60 percent. This means the retained fat cells become a permanent part of your facial structure, creating a lasting, youthful aesthetic.

If you are considering a fat graft, it’s important to note that two treatment sites will require some time for healing: the areas where fat are injected and parts of the body where fat was harvested. Patients can expect bruising, soreness, and swelling at both sites for up to two weeks at the donor site; side-effects at the injection site are minimal. To reduce recovery time, patients can sleep with their head elevated and applied a cold compress to any swollen areas.

Why Dr. Singer Is Your Best Choice for Microfat Grafts

Dr. Robert Singer is a world-renowned plastic surgeon who works out of a state-of-the-art medical suite in La Jolla, California. With expertise in the fine art of plastic surgery, Dr. Singer’s reputation has global recognition. A frequent guest on radio and television programs and a featured speaker for prominent surgical organizations, Dr. Singer, is a respected resource in the field of plastic surgery. You simply cannot find a more qualified, professional surgeon than Dr. Singer to perform your microfat graft or any other aesthetic or surgical procedure.

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