How to Evaluate Breast Augmentation Surgeons through Their Before & After Photos

Now that you’ve decided that breast augmentation is the right cosmetic procedure for you, you must take that next step and choose the right plastic surgeon to perform your surgery. Choosing the surgeon to perform your procedure is just as important as deciding to get the procedure done in the first place. You need to choose a surgeon you have confidence in, someone you trust to give you the results you want.

There are numerous factors for you to consider as you weigh one surgeon against the other. Credentials, specialization, and testimonies are all great sources of information that can indicate the abilities of different surgeons. 

One resource available to you, that sometimes gets overlooked, is the ”before and after” gallery of the surgeon’s previous work. You can infer a great deal about a surgeon through viewing the results of their past patients. 

By knowing what to look for as you view galleries of photographs, you can get an excellent idea of the styles and capabilities of different surgeons.

Compare and Contrast

Before and after photos show you very clearly the results of procedures done for other women. Good plastic surgeons will very readily and proudly share their portfolio of previous work with you.  

While photos of all the surgeon’s past patients are useful – in that you can see how consistent the surgeon’s work is, and how the surgeon works with different body types – you should pay particular attention to women who have a similar body type and initial breast appearance to yourself.

This way, you get the best indication of the results you can realistically expect from your breast augmentation. When looking at the before and after photos, keep the following in mind:

1. Does the surgeon provide exquisite results for a variety of body types?

Plastic surgery is an art form that takes years to refine, and a surgeon’s past work always reflects this. How the surgeon works with different body types is a great display of their artistic talent. Top plastic surgeons who have refined their artistry are capable of working with a diverse range of patients, and consistently provide beautiful results. As such, while browsing the photo galleries of the surgeon you are considering, be sure to compare the results between women of different body types.

If you see that results look very similar between the patients, or that the breast augmentation does not complement the natural shape and contours of the patient’s body, then the surgeon may not quite have the artistic touch you are looking for.

On the other hand, if you see that after each surgery, the women have results that complement and emphasize their natural beauty, the surgeon likely has that artistic flair and talent required to bring out your vision regardless of body type and starting breast shape.

2. Do the results look natural?

In many cases, it can be too apparent that women have had some work done. The ultimate goal of plastic surgery is not to change you – it is to enhance your natural beauty and complement who you are.

A good plastic surgeon will give you noticeable results while maintaining the essence of you. Remember, plastic surgery is a highly personalized process, and there is no single answer for each patient.

By observing the before and after photos of different patients, you can compare the results across different breast and body shapes. If you think that all the results look manufactured, you might want to consider looking at a different surgeon’s galleries.

If you look at each patient and see that, after surgery, there is an improvement in their appearance, but it appears natural, then that surgeon will likely be able to give you similar results.

3. After surgery, are the breasts symmetrical and proportionate?

Research has consistently shown us that human beings consider symmetry and proportion to be essential factors in determining beauty. Physical balance exhibits good genes and a healthy body.

As the goal of plastic surgery is to enhance your body and confidence, you should pay close attention to the symmetry and proportion of the surgeon’s previous work. While artistry is undoubtedly a large part of plastic surgery, your surgeon must also excel in the mathematics of symmetry and beauty.

Using before and after photos, check that the surgeon consistently provides results that are as symmetrical as possible and that the results are in proportion to the patient’s body.

4. Tactical scar placement

All plastic surgeries will have a scar. However, how noticeable scars are after surgery depends on the finesse of the surgeon and the placement of the incisions. Good surgeons can minimize scarring yet provide exquisite results. 

If scarring is very noticeable and not well placed, the surgeon is not the one you are looking for. However, if the surgeon has thoughtfully placed the scar in a tactful area which is easily concealed post-surgery, they are more likely to provide the results you desire.

Before and after photos are an invaluable resource when choosing the correct surgeon to perform your procedure. 

If you look for consistency throughout their work, naturally beautiful and symmetrical results with minimal scarring, and like how other patients with similar body types to yourself look after the procedure, it is time to book an in-office consultation with that surgeon.

During an in-office consultation, you can discuss your aesthetic goals with the surgeon. They will advise on implant size, profile, and insertion technique and also refer to before and after photos to help you visualize your results.

It is only once you have met the surgeon in person and properly gotten to know them through a professional consultation that you will be able to make an informed and confident decision about who you want to perform your breast augmentation.

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