Myth: Facelifts that claim to take just one hour with local anesthesia and have minimal recovery time are safe and effective.

Truth: Although there are patients who have some improvement with these procedures, there are a wealth of patients across the country who have undergone these operations who are dissatisfied with the results and have experienced complications. The improvement, if any, is usually temporary. If you have significant looseness, you are better off with a natural […]

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Myth: Facelifts are only for women

Truth: The majority of patients who have facelifts are females, but there are an increasing number of men from all walks of life who are having facial rejuvenation. As the economy has become more challenging and the workplace more competitive, patients including males want to look fresh and vibrant. Aesthetic (Cosmetic) plastic surgery is more […]

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Myth: A well performed facelift does not leave scars

Truth: All surgical procedures, including facelifts, which involve incisions, leave scars. Incisions are typically hidden in the hair and strategically placed in natural skin creases. When performed by an artistic meticulous board certified plastic surgeon, facelift incisions usually heal very well and most patients and family members will barely notice them after a few weeks. […]

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Myth: It creates an unnatural pulled look

Truth: A facelift, performed meticulously, in the hands of a skilled, experienced, board certified plastic surgeon should not result in a pulled look. Most patients want to look like themselves, yet appear refreshed and natural. This is achieved by meticulous technique and the artistic combination of repositioning and removing the lax excess tissue and adding […]

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Myth: A facelift is permanent

Truth: The results of a facelift may be considered permanent in that you will continue to look younger years later than you would have without undergoing the facelift. However, a facelift cannot stop the aging process and the face will continue to age. The results will vary from person-to-person. Most patients can expect their results […]

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