Myth: Facelifts that claim to take just one hour with local anesthesia and have minimal recovery time are safe and effective.

Truth: Although there are patients who have some improvement with these procedures, there are a wealth of patients across the country who have undergone these operations who are dissatisfied with the results and have experienced complications. The improvement, if any, is usually temporary. If you have significant looseness, you are better off with a natural […]

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Myth: Over-the-counter skin creams can reverse your skin’s aging

Truth: There are many worthwhile products that can improve complexion, moisturize, and minimally diminish very fine lines, but there is no “miracle in a bottle” that is scientifically proven to reverse facial sagging or produce a “lifting”. Options like fillers, Botox or Dysport, medically supervised skin care, and surgery can give you a fresher, younger […]

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Myth: Non-surgical nose job with fillers can produce the same result as rhinoplasty surgery

Truth: Fillers may help in camouflaging small bumps or depressions, but the results are temporary. Fillers cannot make the nose look smaller, cannot significantly change the appearance of the nose, will not last permanently and are not free of complications. They are not a replacement for a well performed naturally appearing long lasting rhinoplasty.

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Myth: Fat taken from other areas of the body is a better choice than breast implants for augmentation

Truth: Currently, it is felt that only up to 50% of transplanted fat successfully survives in its new location. The remainder doesn’t go elsewhere. It is just resorbed by the body. Fat injections to the breasts may be useful in making small modifications and correcting asymmetries, but this procedure should currently be regarded as experimental. […]

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Myth: Injections with Botox/ Dysport and dermal fillers like Restylane, Juvederm, Radiesse, or Sculptra can replace a face lift

Truth: Fillers and cosmetic injections are among the most frequently performed procedures. They certainly may be beneficial and can provide a nice temporary improvement. However, when there is a significant amount of looseness of the skin, they cannot replace surgery.  Fillers have a limit of what they can achieve. A “liquid lift” is not a […]

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