5 Things To Expect After Your First Botox Treatment

The decision to get Botox injections shouldn’t be a complicated one; after all, this treatment is quick, affordable, and completely non-invasive. Unfortunately, a great deal of misinformation has been spread about Botox over the years. As a result, some people approach this cosmetic procedure with trepidation, worrying that their face will be “frozen” or that they’ll experience […]

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Am I Ready for a Facelift?

Are you starting to see the signs of facial aging? Do you wish you could turn back the clock? A facelift can provide a younger looking, rejuvenated face. It is one of the most sought after and satisfying aesthetic surgical procedures. Dr. Singer is well known for his natural looking facelift results. Many patients want to look […]

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How Will You Pamper Mom this Year?

Isn’t time your mom got a little TLC? After years of wiping your tears, bandaging your cuts and cheering you on, Mom deserves a little time for herself. This Mother’s Day, give your mom the gift of beauty. We’ve got some great non-surgical treatments available to make Mom look great. Call us today at 858-455-0290 to learn […]

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