Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction

Women who have overly large breasts do not need to be told of the discomfort they suffer. Back and neck pain all too often accompany disproportionately large breasts. It is also difficult to find attractive clothes that fit properly. The rubbing motion of the breasts against the chest can cause skin irritation, while the bra straps gouge into the shoulders.

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Breast Reduction Procedure

The woman who opts for breast reduction (reduction mammoplasty) generally feels like a new person after surgery. Her posture is improved. She feels better and looks slimmer. Often, she develops a new confidence in herself.

For many patients, breast reduction is partially covered by medical/health insurance.

The surgery can be performed in the hospital or at our center, depending on your general medical condition. If the surgery is performed at our center, Dr. Singer may wish to have you transferred to the hospital after surgery for a planned overnight stay.

Frequently, other breast sculpting procedures are performed in conjunction with a breast reduction, including reduction of large areolae (colored areas around the nipples), correction of inverted nipples, and reduction of overly prominent nipples. In addition, breasts that are unequal in size can be made more symmetrical. It is important to know that some women may be unable to nurse after breast reduction surgery.

Dr. Singer has the experience and skill to give you the results you envision through breast surgery. To learn more about breast augmentation, lift, and reduction.

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