A Guide to Post-Facelift Makeup

Deciding which products are safe to use after a facelift can be challenging. Dr. Singer created the below infographic that is a helpful guide to post-facelift makeup. From sunscreen to cleanser, this guide will provide tips on which products to use and the safe way to apply them. For more post-facelift recovery tips, contact Dr. Singer.


Before you start your makeup routine, always apply a lightweight moisturizer with a SPF30 or higher. This will keep your skin hydrated and protected from sun damage, which will prevent scarring.


Be careful applying any makeup and skincare products to your face. Use your fingertips and gently dab products onto your face gently without tugging at the skin and incisions.


If you are looking for heavier coverage for any bruises and swelling that appeared after your surgery, find a camouflage or cover up cream and ask your plastic surgeon for approval.


To prevent any potential irritation, stick to the makeup and skincare products that you have used in the past. Bring all of these products in when meeting with your surgeon for approval.


At the end of the day, be diligent about removing your makeup. Ditch your makeup wipes, and use a cleansing oil or balm to remove your makeup. Follow up with a gentle cream cleanser.

Post-Facelift Makeup Tips

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